Keystone Ranch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  A Rental Registration Form must be filled out.  You will need the name, contact information, vehicle(s) information.  Click here to fill out and submit a Rental Registration Form.

If you are experiencing problems with regard to noise, parking issues, etc., whether it be from a neighborhood rental property or otherwise, here are the steps to take:

1.    Call the Summit County Sheriff at 970-668-8600.

2.    If the problem stems from a rental property, please also call the Summit County Short-Term Rental Hotline at 970- 668-4186.

3.    Also, please inform the Board via the Contact link on our website. It is important to file a complaint for every issue so the Board has documentation and can address the issue with the property owner.

If you are having a medical emergency call 911.

This is best described in the Architectural Standards and Procedures (posted to website). “It is in everyone’s best interest that homes be indigenous to the physical and historical context of the Ranch; that they incorporate native and natural materials, and in general be unassuming in character.  It is intended that the buildings NOT compete with each other or assert themselves at the expense of the neighboring homes.   Architectural Standards and Procedures Section V.

No work shall be undertaken (other than routine maintenance and repair) which will result in changes in the exterior appearance without the written permission of the Keystone Design Review Board (KDRB), Section M.  The contact information for the KDRB is 800-919-0038 or 970-423-8999, website

Yes, if changing the exterior appearance of your home you must submit your proposed color sample to the Keystone Design Review Board.  See above section for contact info.

Yes, but the Keystone Design Review Board needs to review and approve your choice.  If you have wood or shake shingles, they shall be replaced with county-approved roofing materials. This brings your home and the HOA into compliance with Board of County Commissioners Resolution 92-7, Fire Hazard Mitigation.

Yes, but please remember to be considerate to your neighbors.  “No lights shall be emitted from any site (home) which is unreasonably bright or causes unreasonable glare”.   Declarations Article X Section 10.11.

Yes, dogs, cats, and customary household birds are acceptable up to two per home. All pets MUST be kept on a leash or caged when outside the home.   Declarations Article X Section 10.5.

The Declarations state “all surface areas disturbed by construction shall be returned promptly to their natural condition.  Any and all landscaping, other than returning surface areas to their natural condition, mut be consented to in writing by the Keystone Design Review Board” (and the HOA Board).  Declarations Article X Section 10.6.

No. “No automobile, truck pickup, camper, motorbike or motorcycle, trail bike, trailer, mobile home, tractor, golf cart, snowmobile, or any other vehicle of any type, except bicycles, shall be parked, stored, or operated upon the Property (common land)”.  Declarations Article VIII.

Please refrain from parking on the roads.  Park all vehicles in the driveway.  Parking on the roads presents a safety issue.  It is important that the roads be kept clear of vehicles to allow emergency vehicles, snowplows, and neighbors’ cars to have clear access to all properties.

Violations of Association rules should be reported to our Community Association Manager Bill Cadwallader at 970-333-1115, e-mail or to any Board member.  Violations of immediate concern, including matters of offensive activity, can be reported to Keystone Emergency Services at 970-496-4000 and/or the Summit County Sheriff at 970-453-2232.

Summit Medical Center970-668-3300
Summit County Sheriff970-453-2232
Keystone Emergency Services970-496-4000
Keystone Guest Services970-496-4000
Road ConditionsCall 511 on your cell phone
Summit Stage970-668-0999
Peak 1 Express855-467-3251
Epic Mountain Express970-754-7433
Summit Express970-668-6000
Ryan’s Recovery970-513-0292
Ivan’s Towing970-368-3688
Ski Country Towing970-262-9230